Rotational counterweight-less manipulator

With counter-weightless innovative design, MP915 improves overall manipulator weight for better mobility. It can withstand the maximum test head up to 250kg and with low profile design-in, three degree-of-freedom footing minimizes production footprint. Needless of configuring the counter-weights, the MP915 offers plug-and-play solution for user ultimate ease of setup.

New Innovation
  • Counterweight-less design greatly improved set-up time
  • Dual-mode selection for linear vertical movement guided with power screw mechanism - manual or motor powered
  • Configurable footing – low profile fixed base, rotary base, linear guided or motorized linear guided base
  • Moveable column with 3 degree-of freedom – X-axis, Y-axis, Rotation

Adaptive Configurations

Configurable Base Options Low profile fixed base
Rotary base
Linear guided base
Motorized linear guided base
Configurable Arm Options Single-Point-Fitted Tilt Arm
Dual-Point-Fitted Fork Arm
Active Cable Management Single or dual cable hanger – variable size
Various load capacity balancer
Motorized Axis Motion Vertical Up/Down Module – customizable speed
Tumble module
Modular Accessories Keyboard tray – customizable size
Monitor holder


Performance Characteristics Test head max. allowable weight: 250kg
Linear vertical Up/Down movement: 650mm1
Linear horizontal In/Out movement: 600mm2
Linear side-to-side movement: 300mm
Rotational twist movement: 360ᵒ
Rotational tumble movement: 190ᵒ
Rotational swing movement: 360ᵒ
1 Min. 465mm; Max. 1115mm
Movement Characteristics Up/Down movement: Counterweight-balanced vertical belt-drive Motor-assisted (optional) In/Out movement: 2-points rotational thrust bearing Side-to-side movement: 2-points rotational thrust bearing Twist movement: Point rotational thrust bearing, Motor-assisted (optional) Tumble movement: 2-points rotational thrust bearing, Motor-assisted (optional)
Test Head Interface Customizable tumble 4 to 8 points mounting
Theta fine adjustment (optional)
User Interface Manual drive arm handle
Fine precision cradle
Active tumble control
Push button console (motorized option)
Physical Dimensions Height: 1490mm1
Width: 1010mm2
Depth: 1110mm3
1 Includes footing 2&3 Footing excludes arm

Physical Loads Unladen weight: 500kg
Laden weight: 750kg
Power Requirements 220 – 240 VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase1
1 For motorized option

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