Research & Development

KT Microhandling research and development team specializes in field of materials, mechanical and mechatronic engineering. With empirical knowledge and software guided calculation methods, we study the behavior of complex mechanical systems, including but not limited to corrosion test, stress test and CG test. Our prototyping innovation lab tests new products in real-life application condition.

KT Microhandling also innovates in collaboration with our research partners from universities and industry engineering solution providers.


Simplicity, Modular and Scalable – the core essence guiding the design philosophy of KT Microhandling are the basis for our long-term product strategy. In order to remain relevant to the innovation-guided semiconductor market and successful in growing the market presence, we expanded our research and development activities over the past few years.

Together with leading research partners, KT Microhandling products line benefited from our increased development activities and intensive cooperation with leading research facilities and universities:


Microtec Fertigungs provides semiconductor final test with high quality, customizable device handler for the testing requirements. Available in different configuration, Microtec thermal device handler with fast device conversion technology can be found in


A Distinguished Technological University. Their mission is to provide world class education, research and services in an ecosystem of creative and innovative. The university has established international links with reputable institutions of higher learning in Germany, United States as well as regional countries in academic and research collaboration. The university is recognized as one of the modernized engineering campus in Malaysia with the purpose to establish a strong tie of research collaboration between the university and industry.