Scalable, Configurable Universal Manipulator for Various Test Head

MP200 is the best solution for multiple test head available in the market. Designed for test head capacity weighing up to 200kg, will ease testing operation with five degree-of-freedom coupled with wide range of linear and rotational movements. This manipulator offers the operator full utilization while occupying minimal test cell footprint. The MP200 is chosen as design-in product with scalability feature to be upgraded for handling higher maximum test head weight capacity, turning it into MP300 manipulator.

Flexibility & Convertibility
  • Conversion kits for scaling up to MP300 in handling test head up to 320kg
  • Selectable variety of arms: Single-Point-Fitted Tilt Arm, Dual-Point-Fitted Fork Arm
  • Convertible up/down axis motion from manual to motorized system (option feature)
  • Extendable footing with add-on kit for increased handling stability

High Performance
  • Wide range of vertical linear movement up to 780mm suitable for probers and various test handler configurations
  • Up to 300ᵒ swing rotational movement
  • 5 degree-of-freedom for maximized ease of operation

Adaptive Configurations

Configurable Arm Options Single-Point-Fitted Tilt Arm
Dual-Point-Fitted Fork Arm
Active Cable Management Single or dual cable hanger – variable size
Various load capacity balancer
Motorized Axis Motion Vertical Up/Down Module – customizable speed
Flip Flop Clutch-assisted Twist Module
Modular Accessories Keyboard tray – customizable size
Monitor holder


Performance Characteristics Maximum test head weight: 200kg
Linear vertical Up/Down movement: 780mm1
Linear horizontal In/Out movement: 280mm2
Linear side-to-side movement: 800mm
Rotational twist movement: 360ᵒ
Rotational tumble movement: 360ᵒ
Rotational swing movement: 300ᵒ
1 Min. 500mm; Max. 1400mm 2 Column-to-tumble depth 1330mm
Movement Characteristics Up/Down movement: Counterweight-balanced vertical belt-drive
In/Out movement: 2-points rotational thrust bearing
Side-to-side movement: 2-points rotational thrust bearing
Twist movement: 1-point rotational thrust bearing
Tumble movement: 2-points rotational thrust bearing
Test Head Interface Customizable tumble 4 to 8 points mounting
Theta fine adjustment (optional)
User Interface Manual drive arm handle
Fine precision cradle
Push button console (motorized option)
Physical Dimensions Height: 1940mm1
Width: 1525mm2
Depth: 1210mm3
1 Includes footing 2&3 Footing excludes arm
Physical Loads Unladen weight: 960kg
Laden weight: 1360kg
Power Requirements 220 – 240 VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase1
1 For motorized option

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