One-Size-Fits-All, Best in Class Total Cost of Ownership Universal Manipulator

The K-docking system provides an outstanding docking performance with the cam-follower mechanism. It can achieve direct transfer of locking force to make the docking lock with the tester firmly. Equipped with the four-pin guiding system, the K-docking ensures precise docking with excellent repeatability while protecting delicate interface components during docking. Its simplicity in design makes it lightweight for better mobility.

Cost Effective
  • Minimalist and straight-forward design makes it cost effective for docking solution
  • Lightweight structure for easier manoeuvre

Product Features

Key features :

  • Cam-follower mechanism for easy operation.
  • Four pin guiding system for easier and repeatable docking
  • Suitable for prober handler
  • Minimalist and lightweight design for better mobility


Physical Dimensions Length: 920mm
Width: 810mm
Height: 10mm
Performance Characteristics Fixed spacer option: 18.5mm – 21.5mm¹
¹With step increment of 0.5mm

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