Precise, Accurate Solution For Production Testing

The M-Docking system enables connectivity between tester and handler that ultimately facilitates your consistent and accurate testing needs. Equipped with the worm-gear mechanism, it provides adjustability for the z-stack contact level with the pogo tower easily. The M-docking has proprietary dock housing and adjustable guided pin contribute for more rigid locking on the tester. In addition, the three-pin guiding system will ensure precise and accurate docking. The M-Docking can be customized to suit all types of tester systems also with various types of handlers such as gravity handler, pick and place handler and prober handler.

Best in Class Precision
  • Three pin guiding system that enhance accuracy and repeatability
  • Highly customizable to ensure true-fit for various test cell

Absolute Dock
  • Proprietary dock housing and adjustable guided pin provide rigid locking on the tester
  • Self-locking feature of worm gear enhances the locking system

Product Features

Key features :

  • Worm-gear mechanism for more rigid and precise docking
  • Customisable for all types of tester system
  • Adjustable Z-stack for contact level with pogo tower
  • Three pin guiding system for easier and repeatable docking
  • Suitable for gravity handler, pick and place handler and prober handler


Physical Dimensions Length: 750mm
Width: 455mm
Height: 12mm
Performance Characteristics Linear vertical Up/Down z-stack movement: 0mm – 70mm

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