Simplicity Design with High Efficiency & High Mobility.

MP150 manipulator is the innovative and evolution design. With its enhancement design based from MP100 and proven durability reference with MP200. Not only it inherits the lightweight and efficiency from its predecessor, but also becomes better in performance, more rigid structure and higher test head weight capacity. It is friendly to compact test head weighing up to 150kg. With up to five degree-of-freedom and modularized arm, it can deliver quick and efficient docking between variety of test handlers and probers. This MP150 has remarkable 220kg unladen weight for easy manoeuvring in production floor area.

Enhancement Design
  • Evolution of MP100 with higher weight capacity and performance.
  • Lightweight yet more rigid with solid steel footing structure and high tensile weight balancing belt.

High Efficiency
  • Up to 320ᵒ wide range of swing rotational movement
  • Up to 920mm wide range of vertical linear movement
  • High modularity arm configuration for different test heads

Adaptive Configurations

Active Cable Management Single or dual cable hanger – variable size
Various load capacity balancer
Modular Accessories Keyboard tray – customizable size
Monitor holder
Easy Cover Removal Installs in minutes with slot-in hook design
Comes with built-in handles
Plug & Play Turn Unit Adaptor Interchangeable with side arms tailored for other systems
Bolted joints make straightforward & fast removal work


Performance Characteristics Test head max. allowable weight: 150kg
Linear vertical Up/Down movement: 920mm1
Linear horizontal In/Out movement: 225mm2
Linear side-to-side movement: 760mm
Rotational twist movement: 360ᵒ
Rotational tumble movement: 360ᵒ
Rotational swing movement: 320ᵒ
1 Min. 460mm; Max. 1380mm 2 Column-to-tumble depth 1161mm
Movement Characteristics Up/Down movement: Counterweight-balanced vertical belt-drive
In/Out movement: 2-points rotational thrust bearing
Side-to-side movement: 2-points rotational thrust bearing
Twist movement: 1-point rotational thrust bearing
Tumble movement: 2-points rotational thrust bearing
Test Head Interface Customizable tumble 4 to 8 points mounting
Theta fine adjustment (optional)
User Interface Manual drive arm handle
Physical Dimensions Height: 1899mm1
Width: 1256mm2
Depth: 1100mm3
1 Includes footing 2&3 Footing excludes arm
Physical Weight Unladen weight: 220kg
Laden weight: 460kg
Power Requirements 220 – 240 VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase1
1 For motorized option

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