Being the pioneering innovator at the forefront of technology advancement within the global market, business and technology development is core essence for us.

KT Microhandling is collaborating worldwide with industry, research and sales partners in fulfilling market aggressive and challenging needs.


KT Microhandling and its partners in the semiconductor industries collaborated with joint-resources to offer leading edge technologies to their worldwide customers:


NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS is a global leader in Test, Measurement, and Control Solutions. NI products are used in a variety of industries and plays a part in exciting new engineering trends and technologies. Discover the NI platform advantage by visiting


JHT is engaged in the semiconductor packaging test equipment development and production of high-tech enterprises, the company's technical team has 20 years of industry experience, the company developed high level engineering team consisted of young and middle-aged backbone of the multi-disciplinary across research team, professional background in mechanical, material, control, optics, software, information and other multidisciplinary functions, team members have good experience in equipment research and development, production and marketing.


Simplicity, Modular and Scalable – the core essence guiding the design philosophy of KT Microhandling are the basis for our long-term product strategy. In order to remain relevant to the innovation-guided semiconductor market and successful in growing the market presence, we expanded our research and development activities over the past few years.

Together with leading research partners, KT Microhandling products line benefited from our increased development activities and intensive cooperation with leading research facilities and universities:


Microtec Fertigungs provides semiconductor final test with high quality, customizable device handler for the testing requirements. Available in different configuration, Microtec thermal device handler with fast device conversion technology can be found in


A Distinguished Technological University. Their mission is to provide world class education, research and services in an ecosystem of creative and innovative. The university has established international links with reputable institutions of higher learning in Germany, United States as well as regional countries in academic and research collaboration. The university is recognized as one of the modernized engineering campus in Malaysia with the purpose to establish a strong tie of research collaboration between the university and industry.


Hypersonic Inc

Hypersonic has been a professional semiconductor and electronics industry distributor for decades. Hypersonic specializes in IC packaging, IC testing, MEMS, Opto electronics, and automation systems. The company provides customers with overall value-added services, including product development, technical support, and process integration.


ATECO designs and manufactures test handler for IC and SSD testing. The company produces also Tape and Reel Handler and offers enabling technologies such as Test Socket, Manipulator, Multi-Wafer System and WL Marking System as its best and differentiated solutions to the global semiconductor market.

Fortress ATE

Fortress ATE is a leading company on providing Test Board repair service in the Semiconductor industry. With its efficient service and network, Fortress ATE also offers sales and services for Manipulator in Malaysia nationwide.

TMSC System

TMSC Systems specialize in providing test equipment, spare-parts and test sockets for the Semiconductor Industry and LED Lighting products for other markets as well.


SORLAR International offers semiconductor testing equipment, automated solar testing equipment and LED inspection handlers. Together with the integration and technical supports, they collaborate with forty over multinational solution providers to distribute products across China.


ATE Service has been solution provider of evaluation & test in semiconductor and Electronics market since 1983. Our products could be methodology or commercialized or customized products available or new development to meet customer’s demand. We are being to be solution provider and challenger for advanced needs of evaluation & test in the market.