Quality Management

KT Microhandling recognize the challenges of the semiconductor market. The company is driven to assemble products and deliver services that meet the highest quality requirement. As our Strategic-of-Intent advocate – Prestige Quality, Innovative Product, we assure our product achieve desired safety level and comply with stringent quality control. Together, we innovate product and develop technology to address the industry challenges for elevating total customer value.


We continuously improve customer satisfactory by the best product safety and availability as well as effective services in conjunction with best possible delivery reliability. Be a reliable source means advancing our customer success, hence we constantly committed to deliver products and services that meet our customers expectations.


We motivate and develop employees of all level based on frequent feedback and goal-oriented trainings, attractive conditions of employment in an ergonomic and ecological labour environment. We trust quality oriented from people with passion-of-work and self-motivated in enhancing every aspects of business processes.


We realize real partnership with suppliers by effective communication and early integration in the business processes. We conduct systematic promotion and monitoring of all activities towards our suppliers in compliance to our quality management system.


We predefine measurable quality objectives and regulate the business processes in realisation of profits that guarantee a long term sustainable growth of the company.

ISO Certificates

The KT Microhandling currently holds following certificates
ISO 9001